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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fish & Quips: The Inception Pt 3 -The Final Frontier-o

If you've read the first two parts of how this blog came to fruition, please continue reading. For those of you who haven't, you could probably follow along just fine. Even if I did put my heart and soul into them. No, really, it's ok. I won't even know you didn't. But you will. As long as you can sleep at night....

The Quips part of Fish & Quips is a play on the traditional English dish, Fish and Chips. Using my own version of the six degrees of separation concept, I will hopefully tie this altogether for you. Fish and Chips comes from England, as does the name of my hometown, Gloucester. Gloucester, England is located in the South West region of the country. Also located in this region is the birthplace of Mr. John Cleese, a member of the Monty Python sketch comedy team. I love British humor, thanks to Monty Python. One of my favorite sketches they do is the fish slapping dance. See? Surrounded by FISH. <-----If you read the 1st two parts, you'd know what I was talking about!

Quips. Such a funny, little word. I've always been quite fond of 'Q' words. You have to respect a letter who very rarely leaves his friend behind. The bond between 'Q' and 'U' is the quintessential, best-friends relationship. They are stuck together in good times and and bad. Should an issue arise, they figure out the quandary and then go quaff a few beers together. That's a quality friendship. They deal with each others quirks, and never question them. When one is too quiet, the other is quick to quell the queries of their friend. They may sometimes quarrel, and go off to find other friends. But in the end, they return to each other knowing that quality will always be better than quantity.

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