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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fish & Quips : The Inception

Blame Facebook. It's their fault I started this blog. I started using Facebook when I broke my ankle in the winter of 2008 and was laid-up for 4 months. It was my link to the outside world. I posted my thoughts, feelings, and complaints for the whole world to see. Then I figured out the privacy settings. Still, I had a captive audience of family and friends. I subjected them to my mostly sarcastic, sometimes witty, usually good-natured humor. And they laughed. Or at least they say they did. Either way, I was hooked. Making people laugh had become just as potent as any pain medication the doctor had prescribed. Which was lucky for me as the refills had run out. "You should do stand-up!" they exclaimed. Stand-up?? As you can plainly see, laziness has won out and I will share my wit from the comfort of my chair and laptop....for now.

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