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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fish & Quips: The Inception Pt 2

My first thought on a title for my blog was using my name. Trying to find something catchy to go with Renee soon became a twisted version of "The Name Game".  The next plan of action was to try and incorporate childhood nicknames until I remembered why none of them followed me out of childhood. (Though one of them can be found somewhere on this page!) I decided to go back to my roots. My hometown of Gloucester, MA. The town I was born, raised and still live in. Good ol' "Fishtown, USA".
For those of you unfamiliar with Gloucester, I won't bore you with overwhelming historical facts. I'll leave that to the professionals ( see link at bottom). The three main points I share with those who ask where I am from are, 1) Gloucester is the oldest seaport in the country, 2) Gloucester is known for its once booming commercial fishing industry and is still home of Gorton's frozen fish, and 3) Yes, the movie "The Perfect Storm" was filmed here and based on folks from Gloucester. As you can see, those three bits of information all point to one thing---->FISH. You can walk the streets of this town and 9 out of 10 strangers asked will tell you they either worked in the fishing industry, have family or friends who did, or know someone who knows someone who did. I am one of those people. My grandfathers on both sides were fishermen. Most of my friends are from fishing families. I live on an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I am forever surrounded by FISH. Hence, the Fish half of the title of this blog. Stay tuned for the Quips portion....coming soon!,_Massachusetts


aka CJ said...

EEEEWww, what's that smell? It's the smell of money! :-)

rePete said...

Does working at Gortons count as working in the fishing industry?

Renee said...

Absolutely! Anything having to do with FISH applies : )